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Glass fiber / fabric


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CFM is made from continuous fiberglass strands randomly looped and bonded together with a minimal binder that is compatible with a variety of unfilled or filled resin systems including PE/PV, PE/PU, Phenolic, PU, PU/Epoxy.

Key Features:

* Roll Slitting - mat rolls can be easily slit into various widths.
* Wet-Through/Porosity - offers little resistance to resin flow to allow for easy and complete resin impregnation, resulting in high line speeds.
* Excellent Wet-Out - improves the ability to coat individual glass filaments and strands.
* Mat Strength - resists being pulled apart under tension during impregnation and molding.
* Manageable - can be unrolled, cut and conveyed to the mold or die without losing its integrity.

CFM is used in many FRP applications such as pultrusion, high pressure laminating, vacuum infusion, and several fiberglass-molding processes (SRIM/RTM, etc.). It is particularly suitable for compression molded electrical and non-electrical laminates. Pultruded shapes made with AGY CFM have outstanding transverse- and random-direction strength. Typical applications include electrical flat sheet, grading and railings, window frames, boat hulls and transoms, cooling tower structural shapes and ladder rails.


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