wall-mounted chassis / shoebox type / rugged / industrial



  • Mounting:


  • Size:

    shoebox type

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, industrial, 4 drive bays


WMC-804B is a standard 8 slot full-length “shoe-box” wallmount or benchtop industrial chassis. It is designed to support 8 slots backplane especially for industrial automa-tion applications outside your server room where environment is extra harsh and unfriendly. Within its heavy-duty steel construction, it is equipped with two 5.25”, one external 3.5” and one internal 3.5” drive bays for basic system requirement. Hold down bar and clamps are provided to ensure stable operations against heavy vibration. 12cm ball bearing fan and replaceable air filter ensure excellent and clean cooling system for heavy-load applications. WMC-804 offers an ideal solution for computers in public area and mobile computers such as car computers or GPS.

Product Features:

-Heavy duty steel construction shoebox industrial chassis can be mounted vertically or horizontally
-Two 5.25” and two 3.5” drive bays (one hidden)
-12 cm ball bearing fan with replaceable air-filter
-Shock resistant drive bracket
-Supports PS/2 power supply
-Latch front door with replaceable air-filter