10 drive bays chassis / rack-mount / DVR / ATX motherboard



  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    DVR, ATX motherboard, 10 drive bays


The WMC-710M provides a high-end solution for a DVR Chassis, perfect for both Mobile and fixed appli¬cations. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the WMC-710M ensures the integrity of its contents with a 12CM ball-bearing fan that provides the chassis with a superior cooling system. The WMC-710M supports any ATX Motherboard and PS2 type power supply. Two features set the WMC-710M apart from its competitors: the chassis supports (8) 3.5" HDD providing users an all-in-one DVR storage solution. The chassis can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Product Features:

-Heavy duty steel construction
-Supports ATX motherboard
-One 5.25" CD-ROM bay, one 3.5" bay for FDD and eight 3.5" bay for HDD
-Two USB ports on front panel
-12cm ball bearing fan with air ventilation for excel¬lent airflow
-Supports PS2 Power Supply