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    industrial, rugged, high-performance, for mini-ITX motherboards


AICSYS INnc. RCK-416: 4U Rackmount Chassis with 5 Drive bays, Supports 14-slot Backplane or ATX Motherboard , and PS2 or Mini redundant Power supply

The RCK-416M/B is specifically designed for harsh environment applications. It has very short depth and 1.6mm chassis thickness, RCK-416M/B provides a high capacity of two 5.25” Drive bays and three 3.25” Drive bays, suitable to contain large amount of data. It is easily configurable to support either an ATX Motherboard or a 14-slot backplane by simply changing the rear panel. The RCK-416M/B maintains a balanced internal temperature with an 120mm ball-bearing fan. A PS2 or Mini-redundant power supply ensures a minimum amount of system down time. RCK-416M/B is also suitable for RAID application that meets the needs of small and large companies.

RCK-416B for 14 slot backplane model
RCK-416M for ATX motherboard model

Product Description

◦19" Rackmount 4U Height
◦1.6mm Heavy-duty Steel
◦Supports ATX motherboard or 14-slot backplane
◦Lockable Front door
◦(2) 5.25" external Drive bay
◦(1) 3.5" external Drive bay
◦(2) 3.5" internal Drive bays
◦(2) Front USB 2.0 ports
◦(1) 120mm Ball-bearing fan with replaceable air filter
◦Supports PS2 or Mini redundant PSU

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