Stamping press / direct-drive / servo-driven
DSF-C1 series Aida S.r.l.


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    direct-drive, servo-driven

  • Pressing force:

    Min.: 800000 N

    Max.: 2500000 N


The DSF-C1 is a gap frame servo press series with a large capacity range and programmable stoke profiles. It is offered by AIDA, a direct drive servo technology leader that is currently offering the first important change in the meta-forming industry in over three decades. The high-torque and low-RPM servo motors offered by this brand are specifically built for stamping press applications.

This press model features ServoPro technology and has the same energy characteristics and torque as a conventional mechanical press. Advantages include a manual step feed, improved press performance and a variety of specifications and options.


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