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air filter bag / pleated air filter bag / pleated


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    for air

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Pleated bag

This technique doesn’t need special filter media but traditional one. if the

bag house is same size ,the filter area of pleated ones is bigger 50% to

150%.however, the keel needs to be designed specially, which ensure that

pleated bag house cannot reduce effective filtration area under the

negative working condition.

The filter core element bag is folded structure, than the traditional bag 60%

increase of the theoretical filtration area, supporting the bag cage through

special design, which can effectively support folding bag interior space,

guarantee the dust collector in the negative pressure state, fold bag does

not reduce the effective filtration area.

Product Feature:

1.With low air-to cloth rate, sharply reduce the operating resistance.

2.Filter area is 1.5-2 times than normal round bag

3.Speed of airflow go down, easy for dust settling

4.Improve the compressor air pulse

5.Extend the pulse cycle

6.Reduce fatigue damage, increase the bag life

7.The composite cost reduced

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