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Oil storage station


CUB Oil waste Oil storage Station temporarily stores waste oil. It comes with PE vessel, Palletised steel-basin, removable filter draining, threaded opening, clock-level indicator and safety labeling. It comes with stainless steel flame trap which is loaded with the activated carbons to facilitate tank breathing. It prevents dangerous fumes, when the product is opened.

Inside vessel features-
Self-standing parallel piped vessel made of antioil, antiacid amd shockproof polyethylene. They are UV treated to allow permanent exposure to atmospheric agents.
Single-moulded and reinforced according to AFNOR & DIN regulations.
It also comes with threaded lid and loading opening on top.

Outside basin features-
Consists of a 3mm carbon steel-basin and reinforced structure.
Weldings are performed by electronic control of gaseous mixture and of the edges.
Layout, rims, tolerances, chamfers, finishing grade and normal weight are according to the UNI parameters.
External anti corrosion treatment is obtained with visible antioil & antiacid resins(green RAL6018).


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