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fixed-wing UAV / civilian / aerial photography / for industrial applications
DROP ‘N DRONE Airborne Concept



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    civilian, aerial photography, for industrial applications, monitoring, reconnaissance, observation

  • Other characteristics:


  • Payload:

    Max.: 1.8 kg (3.968 lb)

    Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)

  • Endurance:

    12 h


Airborne Concept’s Drop’n Drone has the unique ability to be deployed directly from an aircraft in flight (plane or helicopter). This is of great importance in hostile or disaster zones.
The Drop’n Drone is deployed with its wing inline with the fuselage; once stabilised by its launch parachute, the wing rotates automatically and the chute is released. The Drop’n Drone is then ready to accomplish its mission with total discretion, autonomously and with an unmatched endurance.
Multiple units can be easily deployed to perform complimentary tasks. For example, in humanitarian disaster zones, first responders or NGOs could deploy multiple Drop’n Drones each with a particular task to perform: instant mapping though photogrammetry; finding injured or trapped persons with an infra-red sensor; and providing vital communications network with a GSM repeater.

Wingspan: 1.8m
Maximum takeoff weight: 8kg
Payload: Up to 1.8kg
Cruising speed: 65km/h (35kt)
Maximum speed: 120km/h
Altitude: Up to 12,000ft
Motor: Electric brushless motor
Power: LiPo battery or hydrogen fuel cell (as option)
Autonomy: Up to 12h
GPS landing zone
Parachute landing
Navigation :
Automatic/assisted manual
Data link to control station