Piston pressure switch
1/4", max. 9 bar AirCom Pneumatic


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It has the following contact load, DS34: 1 A at 230 V AC, DS35: 2 A at 230 V AC and the following Ex_Atex_version of DS34: Ex II 3D IP 65 T90°C, DS35: II 2G Ex d II C T6/T5. It has 3-wire connection cable, length 2 m, cross-sectional area 0.75 mm² at DS34 or 0.5 mm² at DS35 electrical connector and < 25% FS, ca. 10% FS in the lower range hysteresis. It has a lifecycle of 106 switching cycles at < 50 bar woth a switching frequency of 200 cycles/min. it has vibration resistance of 10 g at 5...200 Hz and shock resistance of 30 g. IT can be mounted in any position and has an protection of class IP65. It has a temperature range of - 20 °C to 80 °C / 23 °F to 176 °F for NBR/Buna-N and EPDM ,- 5 °C to 80 °C / 23 °F to 176 °F for FKM .


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