lamp / incandescent / for workstations / suspended
LUMEX Airfal International



  • Type:


  • Illumination technology:


  • Applications:

    for workstations

  • Other characteristics:

    suspended, for hazardous locations, for inspection pits, IP65


Light fitting designed for industrial space lighting that are not mines, specially places with very high ceilings. Amogst its applications are:
- Areas where flammable volatile liquids are transferred.
- Garages and vehicle repair shops.
- Material drier areas with fammable solvents
- Grease and Oil Extraction shops that utilize flammable solvents.
- Installations where fammable gases are either produced, manipulated or used.
- Flammable liquid or gas pump or compressor rooms.
- Freezer or refrigerator that store flammable materials in open containers.

General characteristics:
- Light fitting body: light fitting body: aluminum alloy body ALSI with polyester powder yellow paint.
- Marked ATEX 94/9/CE: Zona 1 y 21: II 2GD Ex de tD IIC T3-T6.
- Working temperature: from -20ºC to +50ºC.
- Accessories: Steel pendant with eye ø 18 mms.
- Steel basic plate with electric part and reflector fixed in the body.
- Wiring input: 2 inner and 2 outer earthing clamps for conductive connection. Max. section of connecting conductors 4 mm².