light fixture / fluorescent / for storage hall / for commercial kitchens
Farm Airfal International



  • Type:

    light fixture

  • Illumination technology:


  • Applications:

    for storage hall, for commercial kitchens

  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, waterproof, outdoor


This luminaire has a degree of protection of IP 68 offering total protection against dust and against the penetration of water in prolonged. Thanks to its constructive material this luminaire is IK-10, the highest degree of impact protection applicable to luminaires.

This waterproof luminaire is suitable for many applications:

A) Industrial applications:

-Warehouses and loading and unloading areas.

– Industries and factories with outdoor production..

B) Agricultural applications: Garden centres and greenhouses..

C) Public places:

– Swimming pools, gyms, thermal baths and/or spas..

– Multi-storey and underground car parks, subways.

– Stadiums and public baths.

– Underground stations and tunnels, transport terminals.

– Rooms on the seafront and in coastal areas.

D) Infrastructures: bridges.