light fixture / fluorescent tube / LED / tunnel
TUNNEL Airfal International



  • Type:

    light fixture

  • Illumination technology:

    LED, fluorescent tube

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, rugged, waterproof, polycarbonate, vibration-resistant, IK10, shock-proof, IP68

  • Power:

    Min.: 14 W

    Max.: 80 W


This light fitting has been specifically designed for lighting in tunnels. It is constructed mainly of self-extinguishing materials and designed to absorb the vibrations generated by the vehicles that pass through these tunnels without affecting how it works. It provides safety in installations where the quality and resistance of the light fittings are essential in the event of any incident. In order to minimize and facilitate maintenance tasks, its components are hard-wearing, lasting as much as three times longer than a conventional light fitting. To ensure its long life, this light fixture for tunnel lighting is supplied with fluorescent tubes.

4 years of warranty valid for operation with switching cycle of 12 hours (11 hours on, 1 hours off).

General characteristics
- Light fitting body: M1 Anti-UV polycarbonate 2mm thickness.
- End caps: ABS V0 self-extinguishing.
- Reflector: glossy aluminum.
- Working temperature: From -20ºC to +55ºC.
- Glow wire test: 850º
- Accessories: 2 zinc-plated steel clamps and PG-11 nickel-plated cable gland (included)

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