air filter / panel / pleated / high-flow
Vari-Shield™ Airguard



  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    pleated, high-flow, hydrophobic, chemical, for gas turbines, coalescing

  • Flow rate:

    2,520 ft³/min (71.358 m³/min)


Combined pre-filter and coalescer
Increased turbine output and reduced energy cost
Very low resistance to airflow – 0.24" w.g. at 2,520 CFM
High dust holding capacity
Long filter life – fewer change-outs and less downtime
Proprietary, patented E-pleat technology
Lightweight construction
100% moisture resistant media
Fully incinerable (no metal components)

Originally designed for gas turbine applications, the
Vari-Shield™ product is built for heavy dust-loading and
high or turbulent airflow. Airguard® quickly understood
that this remarkable product’s exceptional durability
also makes it ideal for demanding commercial and
industrial applications, especially as indoor air quality
and environmental regulations become more and more
prominent in today’s built environment. Using proprietary
E-pleat® technology, CLARCOR Air Filtration Products is
now offering the finest 4” MERV 8 filter in the industry.
• 100% synthetic media resists damage
• Hydrophobic media, enabling moisture to coalesce
out of the airstream to protect downstream filters
and environments
• Completely incinerable

• High Impact Polystyrene sides (HIPS) provide strength while being corrosion, chemical, and
moisture resistant
• Foam hot melt adhesive and potting ensure media integrity in high airflow applications
• Lightweight, metal free construction