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Pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / low-friction
0.2 psi, -55 - 150 °C Airpot


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The Airpel Air Cylinder does away with any distinguishable friction and lessens running friction to exceedingly low levels.

This provides for it the exceptional capability to bestow super smooth movement – movement smoother than any possible air cylinder. Indeed at low weights. Indeed at moderate rates. Indeed with short strokes. The Airpel joins an exceptional development to turn into an instrument-quality air cylinder.

It features a FFR system that Compact and high flow versions with each customary and high preciseness air regulators. It has compact and modular, 40 mm x 40 mm envelope per component. It has also regulatos, filters and gauges.

A simple 2 fastener attachment bracket system permits straightforward upgrading, maintenance and arranging of the modules. normal and preciseness series ar available; all with hand adjustability and single push lock operation.


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