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Compressed air pressure regulator / single-stage / precision / pneumatic


  • Product:

    for compressed air

  • Number of stages:


  • Applications:

    precision, pneumatic


Airpot’s Accurate Force Pneumatics accessories consists filter and precision air regulator systems that uses Airpot's Anti-Stiction® to get an optimized air quality and precise control. The FFR is a modular air preparation system that operate in low friction and contains accurate force.

These systems are ideal to complement the Airpot actuators and Airpel cylinders that has minimized hysteresis and sensitive response. Airpel-FFR system offers a standard or precision air regulator for precise control for operations that require special specifications like operations that works on low speed or low pressure regulator.

The FFR systems include dual filtration modules that separates up to 0.01 micron of dust, oil moisture or mist to ensure the delivery of clean and dry compressed air to the actuators and cylinders.


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