louvre panel with storage bins
30658 Akro Mils


The new 18" 30658 Rack is just perfect for saving space while maximizing storage efficiency and engaging easy handling. AkroBins® offer louvered panels, bench racks and floor racks that provide the ultimate efficiency in storage flexibility. The different beige available are 30161, 30661 and 30676. It is possible to secure the stationary racks to the floor or wall. They can also be wall-mounted to a strong structure. The models can accommodate about 288 AkroBins.

High-level strength and durability are ensured with their 16-gauge cold-rolled steel. The AkroBins can be securely supported with louvers. They can handle heavy-duty service, thanks to their gray powder-coated finish. The racks are ideally used in workshops because they have excellent storage capacity allowing you to organize work areas. This can be mounted on desktop on too through holes drilled in them. Possible to increase productivity when the floor rack is placed near work-area.


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