Centrifugal decanter / horizontal / for sludge dehydration
ALDEC G2 Alfa Laval


  • Type:


  • Orientation:


  • Applications:

    for sludge dehydration


Decanter centrifuges have an important part in expelling water from sludge. If the sludge is dry, the less its volume, the less its weight, which considerably lowers disposing and moving costs. When compared with high efficiency, average equipment, the construction of ALDEC G2 decanter centrifuges allows for the smallest price. The technical innovations provide long-term amounts to complete minimum, all while saving energy up to 40%, which reduces CO2. De-watering the excessive sludge means constantly having a high torque and reliable control. ALDEC G2 decanter centrifuges are the only ones of their kind.


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