scraped surface heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / for the food industry
SSHE Alfa Laval



  • Type:

    scraped surface

  • Fluid:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Operating pressure:


  • Temperature:

    Min.: -35 °C (-31 °F)

    Max.: 170 °C (338 °F)

  • Power:



There are many prepared food products that quickly foul normal heat exchangers, as they are sticky, viscous and often contain particles that alter their states when heated. But with the new generation of Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers, manufactured by Alfa Laval, the situation changes as the models are updated with no less than four new performance enhancements, extending the capabilities of the range.

In addition to the food safety initiatives being enhanced, a more gentle treatment of the products occurs, along with improved wear and chemical corrosion resistance. The manufacturer has also made ConthermFlex available, an upgrading service, which provides customers with old scraped surface technology to be efficiently upgrade.

The larger model comes with 15% more surface area, as well as a capacity that is 25% higher than in traditional sizes.

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