Water / water heat exchanger
Aquaprotect Alfa Laval

-Safe eradication of the legionella at a temperature of 70ºCat six minutes holding time. Continuous disinfection of all circulating water
-Temperature safety function, e.g. low capacity on primaryside or worse heat transfer. Depending on the set point of the controller the distribution valve limits the flow entering the combined reaction tank at the right temperature of 70ºC all other flow is recirculated to the charging loop
-Net disinfection
-Heat exchangers for waters with low/high lime content
-Standardised capacity ranges for different tapping flow rates
-Compact-system ready to be connected
-Electronic control device Options
-Protection against capacity overload, shut-off valve on the inlet of the storage tank, while the charging capacity is still available for the tapping.
-AlfaNova compact heat exchanger (100% stainless steel)
-AquaProtect T is a patent-pending heat exchanger system specifically developed for thermal disinfection
of hot water. It heats the water to 70°C and keeps it at this level, which kills the bacteria effectively.
-Since the system includes heat recovery, the disinfection process consumes no extra energy. Instead of being diluted with cold water to the system temperature, the 70°C water is used to preheat the incoming cold water. All of the heat used for disinfection will thus be recovered, which means high cost-efficiency.
-For the adaptation to specific demands, AquaProtect T can be delivered with a number of optional features.


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