magnetic base drill / electric


  • Type:

    magnetic base

  • Power source:


  • Voltage:

    120, 230

  • Rotational speed:

    450, 250

  • Power:



The 50 SP device is engineered with a permanent lifting magnet that provides a 0% default risk for operations. It allows operators to deal with bores that are as small as 3mm. This unit is a light weighted drill station that is ideally used for the mounting sites in the workshop. The permanent magnet produces a magnet force that is higher than the one produced by the conventional and commercially available electro magnets. It is fitted with the capability to service areas of normal machines that are equipped with electro magnets with sizes that are as small as 8 mm. Moreover, this product does not necessitate maintenance services, trimming operational costs. It is also designed with a resistance against dysfunction.

Technical data:
-Cutter dimension: Ø 12,0 - 50,0 mm
-Cutting depth: 50,0 mm
-Twist drill: Ø 1,0 - 20,0 mm DIN 1897 kurz
-Counterbore: Ø 10,0 - 40,0 mm
-MK2 Aufnahme
-Stroke: 100 mm
-Height adjustment: 47 mm
-2-speed Gearbox: 1. Gear 250 U/min.
2. Gear 450 U/min.
-Power consumption: 1.200 W
-Voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz, 110 V 50/60 Hz
-Tool Force (10 mm S 235) Drill Point Load: 2.300 N
-Tool Force (6 mm S235) Drill Point Load: 2.000 N
-Magnet foot: 72 x 190 mm
-Weight: 11,5 kg