Workshop trolley busbar work-center
Max. 700 bar | Combi machining cart - 4 stations ALFRA


  • Type:

    workshop trolley


The Combi machining cart model is manufactured by Alfra, and is a bus-bar work-center with 4 stations, which has a bending bus-bar of 120 x 12 mm. It has a punching bus-bar diameter of 6.6 to 21.5 mm, and has a cutting bus-bar of 125 x 12 mm. It also has a cable shoe pressing from 10 to 300 mm², and has motor voltage of 400 V at 50 Hz.

The universal working cylinder can be raised and lowered via hand-wheel in an infinitely variable manner by hydraulic means in accordance to the hole pattern to be punched. The unit can be combined with a hydraulic central unit located inside the cart, which has a laterally extract-able extension that is provided as support pad for longer rails.


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