Punching machine
BS 160 Combi ALFRA


The BS 160 Combi is a switchboard machining tool manufactured by Alfra. The unit is composed of a base frame that is made out of aluminum and hydraulic cylinder that can reach up to 600 bar. Bus bars of the tool up to 160 mm may be bent in several angles, by means of bending 11-mm and 5-mm dies. The angle allocation of the tool is engraved at the upper part of the unit.

The device is characterized by its simple conversion from bending to punching. Bending angles of this unit can reach up to 90°. Its leg inner dimension length measures at 50 mm, while its material thickness measurement can reach to a total of 12 mm. The unit's overall dimensions approximate at 390 mm x 150 mm x 330 mm, while its weight measures at of 20 kg.


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