video corpo

inspection camera / monitoring / machine vision / for robotic vision
Guppy PRO F-031B/F-031C Allied Vision Technologies GmbH



  • Function:

    inspection, monitoring, machine vision, for robotic vision

  • Spectrum:

    NIR, full-color, monochrome, B&W

  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    FireWire, IEEE 1394, VGA

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-compact, high-speed


The Guppy PRO F-031B/C is a small 1394b camera with the ICX618 sensor. This EXview HAD CCD sensor is very sensitive both in the visible spectrum and in the NIR (near-infrared) spectrum.

* Sony ICX618 EXview HAD CCD sensor (VGA)
* Trigger
o Programmable, trigger level control, single trigger, bulk trigger, programmable trigger delay
* Options
o Various IR cut/pass filters
o White medical housing