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CCD camera / GigE Vision / board
2448 x 2050 pix, 15 fps | Prosilica GB2450 Allied Vision Technologies


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    GigE Vision

  • Other characteristics:



The 5 Megapixel GB2450 is a very high-resolution CCD single-board camera with Gigabit Ethernet output (GigE Vision®). The GB2450 incorporates the high-quality Sony ICX625 CCD image sensor that provides superior image quality, excellent sensitivity, and low noise.

Sony ICX625 Progressive Scan CCD
15 fps at full resolution at 2448 x 2050
Available with optional vertical connector orientation

GB2450, 2448 x 2050, 15 fps, CCD, Mono
GB2450C, 2448 x 2050, 15 fps, CCD, Color
GB2450-V, 2448 x 2050, 15 fps, CCD, Mono, Vertical
GB2450C-V, 2448 x 2050, 15 fps, CCD, Color, Vertical
Explanation of model suffixes (-P, -V, -PV, portrait, vertical)


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