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condition monitoring system / for pumps / air



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    for pumps, air


With its Smart Technology IN-1000 Series, Colfax Fluid Handling is defining a new generation of condition monitoring. IN-1000 is an electronic and fully automated monitoring system. The modular design of IN-1000 permits easy integration into pump systems, with pre-configured settings that are the basis for rapid, individualized startup. The IN-1000 may be retrofitted at any time and allows central monitoring of up to 21 pumps with one control.
The new Smart Technology IN-1000 series is ready to handle anything from straightforward condition monitoring to more complex monitoring activities, including operation monitoring of multiple pumps for simultaneous fulfillment to ensure your safety and operating cost requirements are met. Operations are monitored continuously and automatically, with activity logging and storage to enable your processes to be analyzed. If unusual operating conditions occur, both audible and visual alerts are triggered and shown on a graphics-capable color display.
Because of these capabilities, maintenance and repairs can be planned in advance, there are no unplanned production downtimes or consequential damages, and maintenance intervals are extended. As a result, expenses for maintenance and spare parts are reduced and the long service life of each Colfax Fluid Handling pump/motor assembly can be utilized to its fullest extent.
IN-1000 in use:
Each network of the IN-1000 modular diagnostic system may contain up to 21 communicating modules. Master-master communication is possible for the purpose of establishing a complex network.