off-line programming software / CAD/CAM / for welding robots / 3D
almaCAM Weld ALMA



  • Function:

    off-line programming, CAD/CAM

  • Applications:

    for welding robots

  • Type:



The act/weld by ALMA is ab offline robot programming software which offers a graphical program designed for robotic virtual scene in designed quality welding conditions. The unit comes with a 3D CAD system which has a standard of STEP and IGES for assembling parts together. It also uses a specific simulator which enables the user to take all type of controller parameters and incorporate it to the movement of the robot arm in the display. With this software, the user is now able to create his own programs and compare it with he existing or standard program which are available in the software. Plus, it is supported with a post-processor which enables to generate variation of languages depending upon the user's preference. Integration of function such as cell and part sizing enables the user to know all error of the system.