air compressor / stationary / electrically-powered / screw
G, V series ALMIG Kompressoren GmbH



  • Type:


  • Portability:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    direct-drive, high-performance, energy-saving, with refrigerant dryer, inverter, cooled

  • Applications:


  • Pressure:

    8 bar, 10 bar, 13 bar (116.03 psi)

  • Flow:

    Max.: 6.54 m³/min (230.96 ft³/min)

    Min.: 1.76 m³/min (62.15 ft³/min)

  • Power:

    Max.: 75 kW (101.97 hp)

    Min.: 30 kW (40.79 hp)


The screw compressor series G-DRIVE and V-DRIVE offer consistently high performance as well as numerous features for particularly reliable, energy-efficient operation and convenient maintenance.There are various useful extensions available for the latest generation of ALMiG screw compressors: an efficient heat recovery system with a constant temperature, an integrated refrigeration dryer which is precisely designed for the delivery volume of the system, as well as the latest controllers to network your entire compressed air station. The system extensions do not affect the footprint of the compressor at all.Optional integrated refrigeration dryerIn this version, the refrigeration dryer is integrated in the system to save space. The compressor is used to supply the dryer with power, control it and protect it against freezing if operated at "underload". The parameters of the refrigeration dryer are exactly tailored to the respective kW class and the dryer cannot be "bypassed".Energy-saving speed controlAll variants are also optionally available with energy-saving speed control. This is where the highly efficient direct drive comes into play: the high-frequency drive motor operates with outstanding efficiency over the entire speed range.The operating pressure can be adjusted steplessly from 5 to 13 bar. The high-quality frequency inverter is easy to access in the control cubicle – an optimised cooling air guide provides optimum ventilation. Inverters and cables are electro-magnetically shielded.