digital hygrometer / portable / compact / dew-point
SADPmini-Ex Alpha Moisture Systems Ltd



  • Display:


  • Configuration:

    portable, compact

  • Measured value:

    dew-point, relative humidity

  • Other characteristics:

    USB, intrinsically safe

  • Applications:


  • Temperature:

    Max.: 20 °C (68 °F)

    Min.: -110 °C (-166 °F)


The SADPmini-Ex is a safe dewpoint hygrometer. The portable dewpoint meter associates the reliability and good capacitance aluminium oxide dewpoint sensor.

It is equipped with electronics in a portable, compact and light device. The unit utilizes a built-in Automatic Calibration and Dry-Down Technology to aim quick, stable and precise readings each time. The connectivity of the unit offers a flexible solution.

It is equipped with linear 4-20mA analogue output, serial RS485 communications and direct USB connection to PC. The rechargeable battery will deliver over 250 hours of simultaneous performance from full charge.

The device is provided as a sturdy and rugged, yet light, hand-held tool, ready to use with a calibration certificate traceable to National and International Humidity Standards. It has two meters of PTFE sampling hose, universal battery charger, full instruction manual, as well as an anti-static carry case for use in dangerous environments.