Coal-fired power plant
max. 1 100 MW Alstom Power Generation


  • Technology:



Guarantee clean and efficient advanced supercritical coal-based power production up to 1100+ MW

Fire the full range of international coals, including the co-firing of biomass with coal in an existing coal-fired boiler, thanks to this tailored solution from Alstom.

We’ve improved on the conventional design of PC combustion to provide superb efficiency and availability. When you co-fire biomass with coal, you lower costs, increase performance and maximise positive environmental results.

Our ultra supercritical units are renowned within the industry for their dependability and efficient performance in utility applications.

Choose an Alstom PC steam power plant to get:

Clean and efficient coal-based power production up to 1100 MW
Use of proven technology from Alstom’s pre-engineered modular-based reference plants.
Firing of the broadest range of solid fuels at steam conditions selected to meet your business objectives


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