Coal-fired power plant
max. 1 100 MW Alstom Power Generation


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Alstom has once again released its ingenuity in a product that guarantees cleanliness and efficiency in the power production industry. The Alstom PC Steam Power Plant is able to produce up to 1100+ MW of power. Inventing ways to fire the full range of international coals, including the co-firing of biomass with coal in an existing coal-fired boiler is one of Alstom’s ultimate goals. Taking advantage of technology and making sure that all products are highly-efficient and available, Alstom has improved the conventional PC combustion design. Through this design, costs are lowered, performance is optimized, and environmental results are maximized. Getting one of these Alstom PC Steam Power Plants not only guarantees quality from Alstom’s pre-engineered module-based reference plants, but also reaping long-term investment benefits.


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