Hydraulic turbine / bulb
max. 60 MVA Alstom Power Generation


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    Min.: 0 kW (0 hp)


New low head power plants have shifted to using bulb units instead of Kaplan turbines. With this great demand for quality bulbs, Alstom Bulbs is a product specially engineered to provide the best and most efficient solution for heads up to 30m. Founded on an outstanding knowledge and experience in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management of complex bulb projects, Alstom takes pride in having over 309 bulbs installed across the globe. Practically compatible with various applications, Alstom Bulbs are perfect for low heads up to 30 meters. Each bulb’s reduced size makes it easy to maintain and work with thereby causing a great decrease in operational costs up to 25%. Apart from being cost-efficient, this type of bulb requires a minimal need for flooding of landscapes because of the run-off-river operation type. Designed with a straight passage in the draft tube greatly improves the bulb’s hydraulic behavior and minimizes the need for excavation. The turbines that can be used as pumps in both flow directions for tidal plant applications, and the sluice mechanisms that are easy to navigate and control also contribute to the overall efficiency of the Alstom Bulbs.


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