Hydraulic turbine / Pelton
max. 350 MW Alstom Power Generation


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Our vertical shaft machines have been specially engineered to support heads ranging from 200 to 1800 meters, and make use of multi-jet collectors that generate an output of about 350 MW. The runner diameters are usually up to 4 m but we offer horizontal shaft single or double runner Pelton turbines with one or two jets for smaller units. Made with Alstom quality, these turbines produce the lowest discharges, and reduce inspection, maintenance and labor costs by utilizing the Hooped Pelton runners design. This design displays the buckets that are supported by two separate hoops and therefore help minimize the fatigue stress and bucket fixation. Sure to have high level of hydraulic efficiency, as do all Pelton products, this machine has taken performance to the next level with its being more mechanical stress resistant.


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