3-axis copy milling machine / vertical
630 x 350 x 260 mm | STEEL FLEX Altech Machinery

Copy router operating on 3 axes, with pneumatic lubrification, 3 pneumatic tracer points. Equipped with turning table at -90°/-45°/0°/+45°/+90°. Quick and easy adjustment of the tracer points. Equipped with variable speed spindle adjusted by inverter and potentiometer (from 2800 to 12000rpm) with Threephase motor 1,5HP. Working capacities 630x350x260mm. Mouvement of the axis on linear guides. With 4 movable pneumatic clamps. Specially adressed for working on inox and steel.

4x pneumatic clamps
3x tracer points with 3 diameters: 5/8/10mm
5x manual stops
1x copy template for standard executions
Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
Air filter
Air gun

Tracer points with digital reading
Virgin template
Collet D. 10mm
Emulsified cutting oil 20lt


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