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ALUCOAT-ALPP Alucoat Conversion

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polypropylene sheet polypropylene sheet - ALUCOAT-ALPP


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ALUCOAT-ALPP is the designation of Alucoat for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of semi-rigid containers for food packaging specially designated for retortable applications (up to 135ºC). It is a laminated with polypropylene film which main advantages are:

High barrier protection against light, gases, and contamination.
Very good heat conductivity, that help to minimise cooking, chilling and reheating times.
Very high sealing integrity with optimal peelability.
Decorative potential, can be printed.
Superb deep-drawing properties
Good mechanical protection.
Light weight that allows economizing on storage and transport space.
Safe for use in contact with foodstuffs (according to European Directives, and FDA).
Food can be sterilized without loss any properties.
Aluminium containers can be recycled.