video corpo

brushless resolver / hollow-shaft
max. ø 90 mm | RES FC ALXION



  • Type:

    brushless, hollow-shaft


Main Characteristics
The high accuracy resolvers with high internal hollow shaft diameter ALXION RES FC have been especially designed for ALXION Direct Drive motors. Two versions are available: 2 and 12 poles.

High internal diameter hollow shaft: up to 90 mm
High accuracy: up to 1 arc minute
Two versions : 2 and 12 poles

Characteristics of the range
Based on the need for a maximal accuracy of the servomechanism, the resolvers developed by ALXION are adapted to the Motors for Direct Drive of its FC Range and ST Range and can be used advantageously in axis using STK motors. They represent a further necessary step towards the exploitation of the direct drive technology