band saw / for metals / compact / horizontal
HA 250 W Amada Machine Tools



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, horizontal, automatic

  • Round piece diameter:

    250 mm


Mountings for the two band wheels, drive gear reducer, band drive motor and arm mounting supports are located on the rigid C section frame. The cast iron band wheel provides a productive and lengthy life. Irrespective of cutting loads or tension stress, the deflection free 1.38 inch (35mm) wheel spindles make certain that the wheels run true.

For long service life and improved rigidity, there are tapered roller bearings incorporated into the spindle assemblies. The band's back comes in contact with the supporting wheel flanges, allowing the wheel to track the blade. A variable speed pulley is coupled with the drive motor and the drive wheel transmission reduces speed and is highly efficient. It needs no external cooling at all.