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Pellet press
Amandus Kahl

KAHL Pelleting of Sewage Sludge
A Flexible Technology
Compacted and dust-free municipal and industrial sewage sludge can be treated further at low costs. KAHL sewage sludge pelleting provides:
- Easy transport,
- Use as cover material in landscaping,
- Well-suited quality for thermal utilisation.

Our system including the KAHL flat die pelleting press is particularly appropriate for sewage sludge. It can be adapted to varying percentages of organic matter and different pH-values without any problems.

After an appropriate pre-treatment, the solid content of the sewage sludge is between 60 and 95 %. By means of the pan grinder rollers it is ground and compacted on the die. The bulk density of the pellets is about 800 kg/m³.


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