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Sewage pellet press
Amandus Kahl


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KAHL Pelleting of Sewage Muck is an adaptable Innovation which is compacted and without dust metropolitan and mechanical sewage slime could be dealt with further at low expenses. KAHL sewage slops pelleting gives:
- Simple transport,
- Use as spread material in finishing,
- Appropriate quality for warm use.
Our framework including the KAHL level bite the dust pelleting press is especially proper for sewage slime. It could be adjusted to changing rates of natural matter and distinctive ph-values without any issues. After a suitable pretreatment, the strong substance of the sewage slop is somewhere around 60 and 95 %. By method for the skillet processor rollers it is ground and compacted on the pass on. The mass thickness of the pellets is around 800 kg/m³.


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