apron conveyor / accumulation / spiral / horizontal
AccuVeyor® AVx AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor Solutions



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    accumulation, spiral, horizontal

  • Maximum load:

    15 kg (33.069 lb)

  • Speed:

    60,000 mm/min (39.37 in/s)


The Multi Channel Accumulation Concept the so called AccuVeyor® AVx Concept is simple, reliable and suited for primary packs, e.g. flow packs, small cartons, pouches and larger liquid containers. The patented design is based on a parallel spiral conveyor track arrangement. Each spiral conveyor acts like one sub-buffer. Sequentially these sub-buffers are filled and emptied in a 'first in first out' order. Different than the AVy concept, the AVx utilizes head to head transfers to handle flows of single file (liquid) containers.

Suitable for goods:
This product is available for both Primary Packed products as well as for Single File Liquid containers
Also printed products such as magazines.
Belt width range100, 140 and 200 mm / 4, 5.5, 8"
Multi Trackat least 2, preferably 3 or more. Maximum approx. 10 tracks
Elevationeither no elevation with one up and one down spiral or elevation as required with a single spiral configuration / no elevation
Conveyor belt lengthtotal effective accumulation length up to 600m / 2000 ft