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RC400 AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power



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The RC 400 is a complete remote control system for
the proportional control of hydraulic mobile machines.
The RC 400 offers the driver a remote control system
which is extremely easy to use with speed, precision
and control under maximum safety. The remote control
can be operated with a thin and flexible 3-core cable,
an opto fibre cable or via radio control.
RC 400 remote control system is based on extremely
advanced microprocessor technology and has a radio
which enables a channel changing during operation.
Years of hand and exacting tests have shown that the
RC 400 remote control system can cope with the most
demanding and roughest environments. The remote
control system is tested so that it can be used with workmans basket for lifting personnel, in power
stations, mines, on oil platforms, etc. The remote control system is protected against electromagnetic
and radio frequency radiation.

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