Brushless electric motor / DC
180 - 1 100 kW , 12 - 280 V, IP44 | BL70 series AMER

new series of brushless DC motor with six poles in NeFeBo magnets.
The main feature is the absence of the brushes and so improved performance:
reduced maintenance and high reliability
high overload capacity in all speed range
high torque with reduced size
high efficiency
low inertia and high acceleration
low noise level
high protection
brushless DC motor is perfect in high performance long term applications, when it's difficult to guarantee maintenance servic
Voltage: 12V to 280V DC
Nominal torque [T_n]: 8.85 26.55 lb-in
Peak torque [T_p]: (3 - 5) x T_n
Nominal speed: 1500 - 6000 RPM
Power: 180 to 1100 W (1/4 - 1.5 HP)
Motor thermal protection: OPTIONAL
Position transducer: hall effect sensor (supply 5 24 VDC / outputs open collector 10 mA each channel)
Size (section): 4.68 x 4.68 in


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