Brushless electric motor / DC
180 - 1 100 kW , 12 - 280 V, IP44 | BL70 series AMER

This new line of brushless DC motors are fitted with six poles in NeFeBo magnets, and as the device is without brushes then there is an increased performance consisting of a reduced need for maintenance plus an improved reliability. These units features a high overload capacity in all speed ranges, and a high torque even though it possesses a reduced size.

The unit has low inertia but high acceleration, and a low noise level. The voltage power supply of these motors is between 12 and 280V DC, with a nominal torque of 8.85 to 26.55 lb-in, and a nominal speed of 1500 - 6000 rpm. The position transducer of this device is a hall effect sensor, the power is 180 to 1100 W (1/4 - 1.5 HP), and the section dimensions are 4.68 x 4.68".


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