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Automatic side-sealer
450 x 150 mm | ASW 600-L American Packaging & Plant Equipment

1.The auto side sealed sealer uses anti- adherence constant type sealer to prevent coking and prolong its life. 2.PLC control. Easy checking and operation. 3.Automatically feeding the products. The length adjusted by photoelectric cell automatically. 4.The vertical photoelectric cell or horizontal photoelectric cell is according to size of product. The perfect sealing effect. 5.The film scrap take up drum can be taken apart from the collector easily. The speed is stable while working. 6.The procedure of plastic film packing from feeding, sealing, to shrinking is operated automatically. It fits for automatic production effect. 7.The conveyor width for auto side sealed sealer can be adjusted fast and easily pack different size of products.。 8.Suitable for rectangle products. 9.Special design side sealing blade makes the product to be sealed continuously without length limit


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