Linear displacement transducer / non-contact / magnetostrictive / analog
955 eBrik™ series AMETEK Factory Automation


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The Ametek/Gemco 955 eBrik is a non-contact linear displacement transducer. It is used in accurate positioning feedback for automated systems.

Employing a magnetorestrictive technology, the model is designed with no moving parts, thus eliminating the risk of wear and tear. It also has field programmable zero and span settings, while electronic diagnostic feedback is transmitted through the analog output. The transducer operates with an accuracy of ±0.03%. Built with a rugged aluminum enclosure with an IP67 class rating, the model can resist any shock.

The machine is applicable for use in automated or processing factory machinery. It is suitable for a variety of industry applications, such as extrusion equipment, plastic injection molding, die casting, tire and rubber, material handling, web tensioning, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder actuation, and hydroelectric power generation.


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