Grounding reel / self-retracting / fixed / heavy-duty
ML-2930 / ML-3416 AMETEK Hunter Spring Products


  • Type:


  • Drive mechanism:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:


  • Hose/cable length:

    50 ft (15.24 m), 75 ft (22.86 m), 100 ft (30.48 m)


ML-2930 & ML-3416 Static Grounding/Bonding Reels for Heavy Duty Applications

Features & Specs:

Available in 50 ft, 75 ft and 100 ft models

Patented latch mechanism holds cable at any desired length. A slight tug on the cable releases latch.
Automatic retraction featuring our SPIR’ATOR prestressed spiral spring.
Retraction speed is governed by a brake system designed to limit the speed from 2 ft/sec to 7ft sec.
Zinc coated steel construction with Bake on Mil spec finish and gasketed drum to protect operatin parts.
All bearing surfaces are permanent self lubricating.
NSN Listings (Click here for part number cross reference.
Military Specification A-A-50696
Electrical Resistance - 10 Ohms max between damp and mounting base
Life Cycle: tested to 5,000 cycles
Operating Temperture Range: -65ºF to 125ºF (-54ºC to 52ºC)
Storage Temperature Range: -80ºF to 160ºF (-62ºC to 71ºC)


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