multigas analyser / flue gas / natural gas / carbon monoxide
FGA Series AMETEK Land



  • Measured entity:

    multigas, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, flue gas, natural gas, oxygen

  • Measured value:

    combustion, emissions

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, monitoring, compact


"A compact, reliable multi-gas analyser for measuring flue gas emissions in processes burning natural gas and biomass.

The FGA provides accurate, reliable measurement of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and oxygen in flue gases. It is an integrated solution for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) applications in smaller combustion processes.

Easy to install and operate, the FGA also calculates values for combustion efficiency, NOx and carbon dioxide. This information allows better process control, which lowers fuel costs and keeps emissions within compliance levels.

A pair of sensors is used to analyse each of the species in the sampled flue gas, alternating every 30 minutes. This extends sensor lifetime and ensures a stable baseline, essential for low-level measurements, delivering high sensitivity and low drift.

The FGA can be used in any combustion process where the sulphur dioxide concentration is less than 50ppm, making it a vital solution for the Minerals, Power Generation, and Steel industries."