infrared thermometer / without display / with remote sensing head / waterproof



  • Technology:


  • Display:

    without display

  • Other characteristics:

    waterproof, with fiber optic, with remote sensing head

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 2,600 °C (4,712 °F)

    Min.: 600 °C (1,112 °F)


"Fibre optic infrared thermometer system, custom-designed for temperature measurements in the hostile environment of the continuous caster spray chamber.

A drift-free thermometer designed to overcome the adverse environment of a continuous caster spray chamber, SCP utilises AMETEK Land’s accurate short wavelength processing to ensure a reliable measurement – even in the hottest and harshest conditions.

Requiring no electronics be located in the spray chamber, and needing no water cooling to operate, SCP’s resilient measurement solution gives trouble-free operation with only minimal maintenance requirements.

Easily installed using a waterproof, fibre-optic light guide, a high efficiency air pressure purge keeps the lens clean while the System 4 Landmark Classic/Graphic signal processor provides power and signal processing to filters out potential errors from water and steam.

Available in a range of models customised to specific temperatures, wavelength and optics requirements, the SCP provides the steel industry a reliable, accurate solution for this challenging application."