infrared thermometer / without display / 4-20 mA / non-contact



  • Technology:


  • Display:

    without display

  • Other characteristics:

    4-20 mA, with fiber optic, non-contact

  • Applications:

    for the glass industry, for MOCVD-process

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 1,000 °C (1,832 °F)

    Max.: 2,500 °C (4,532 °F)


"Non-contact infrared thermometer custom-designed for accurate preform temperature measurements in optical fibre manufacture.

Optimised for precise preform temperature control in vapour deposition processes, AMETEK Land’s Vapour Deposition Thermometer delivers a critical measurement for production of low-loss, high-bandwidth optical fibre.

VDT enables exact sighting onto the rotating preform for an accurate surface temperature reading, critical in controlling fibre strength and transmission quality. This ensures an efficient, high-yield process with less costly scrap product.

Only a non-contact infrared thermometer technology is able to achieve the precise surface temperature measurements required for the process. VDT’s 4.8-5.2µm waveband measurement means the preform is opaque and the measurement unaffected by flames, ensuring exceptional accuracy.

Able to operate as a standalone device or as part of a multi-thermometer system linked by our System 4 Landmark Graphic signal processor, VDT is ideal for vapour deposition processes in the glass industry."