Gas detector / carbon monoxide / infrared / with digital display
9000 series AMETEK Land


  • Application:


  • Detected entity:

    carbon monoxide

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    with digital display


The Series 9000 cross stack infrared is an accurate and efficient equipment for monitoring carbon monoxide. It does its task with proven reliability in addition to effortless and simple installation. It has an easy setup that makes it preferable for diverse range of applications pertaining to industrial combustion efficiency and its monitoring.

This efficient monitor for carbon monoxide has been devised to provide rapid measurement so that the combustion control of boiler systems can work efficiently. The Model 9100 is known for its escalated performance. Many of its attractive features include direct continuous measurement of Carbon Monoxide by reading its average over the duct expanse. It brings along better and improved control over combustion and makes economic viability of the whole system and process possible.

With positive points of simple installation; sophisticated features for alignment; precise carbon monoxide monitoring, there can nothing better and efficient than this newest facility for open path gas calibration.


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