dust concentration and opacity monitor / process / dust emission / measurement
4200 AMETEK Land



  • Type:

    dust concentration and opacity

  • Applications:

    dust emission, for boilers, measurement, process

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, continuous


"Simple, lightweight dust and opacity monitor designed to measure emission levels in combustion processes where regulatory compliance is not required (for sale in Asia only).

The 4200 dust and opacity monitor is AMETEK Land’s compact, cost-effective solution for the continuous monitoring of dust, smoke and particulates in a wide range of industrial applications. NOTE: The 4200 is currently available only in Asia.

A lightweight design makes installation and positioning simple, even in challenging applications. The low-maintenance design has no moving parts – ensuring it operates reliably and continuously for immediate cost and performance benefits.

Using a single red LED to effectively monitor hot, dirty or toxic process conditions, 4200 requires only the installation of a transceiver and retro-reflector, fitted either side of the stack. The system alternates between measurement and flood sources to eliminate drift and ensure accuracy.

Ideally suited to multi-process plants with common exhaust stacks, the 4200 is designed for measurements in power generation, minerals, and industrial boilers."