monitoring camera / thermal imaging / infrared / CCD
FTI-E 1000 AMETEK Land



  • Function:

    monitoring, thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:


  • Other characteristics:

    fixed, alarm


"A high-resolution, accurate, fast, radiometric thermal imager designed to capture detailed temperature information in harsh industrial environments.

Part of AMETEK Land’s advanced intelligent imaging solution, The FTI-E family of imagers provide high-resolution, radiometric thermal images for a wide range of industrial applications in hostile conditions.

Easy to install and use, its accurate temperature measurements provide the complete thermal view of the process required for optimum control, with more than 110,000 individual measurement points used to improve process safety and product quality. Selected wavelengths provide matched measurement characteristics for specialised processes.

Two models provide temperature measurements range of 150 – 600 °C (302 – 1112 °F) and 600 – 1600 °C (1112 – 2912 °F) respectively. Extensive communications options connect to a range of standard industrial interfaces, including TCP/IP, OPC, analogue signals and alarm outputs.

A comprehensive permanently mounted replacement for previous portable solutions, that provided only resource-hungry periodic checks, the FTI-E is ideal for applications in the glass, minerals, steel and process industries."