gas analyzer / trace / continuous / online
ProMaxion MS AMETEK Process Instruments



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    continuous, online, real-time, process, for hazardous environments


This is AMETEKs ProMax is gas analyzer that is used in dangerous and hazardous areas.

It is used in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Nutraceutical Industry as well as bulk chemical manufactures. It is used for finding the loopholes in the manufacturing process and cutting out the issues to increase the profit.

AMETEK's ProMaxion is a mass spectrometer which is used for reliable analyzing of measurement in electronic applications. It is used for solvent drying in Pharmaceuticals.It is used in fermentation of gas analysis.

The device not only helps in saving time but also helps to increase the process thoroughly. It improves the process control with the help of test procedures. It helps in increasing the profit margin of the solvent dryer application irrelevant of the type of dryer. ProMaxion is also helpful with drying of trays, With drying centrifuge dryers, vacuum dryers and well as filter dryers.